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At the Nascent Group, we apply data driven, sustainable and profitable business design, to transform a variety of organizational structures - from large scale resorts, to streetwear brands, community gathering spaces, upscale restaurants, wedding venues, event spaces and innovative urban developments. 


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The Nascent Group is a premier strategic business development firm, dedicated to revitalizing and growing businesses across the United States.


Our expertise lies in sustainable urban development, hospitality design, and community transformation consulting. With a current client base spanning New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Taos, New Orleans, Miami, and Curacao, our strength lies in crafting refined, effective solutions to complex problems, and navigating systems to create lasting change.


 We have a knack for bringing our clients' unique visions to fruition while maximizing their long-term profitability. 

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At the Nascent Group, we specialize in producing elegant, efficient and effective deliverables.Our goal is to bring our clients’ dreams to life, by honoring their unique visions, and  maximizing the potential for long term profitability. Our diverse team merges years of expertise in strategic business development, with artistry and innovation, allowing us to support our clients through various stages of their advancement and growth.

A few of our services include:

  • Community Development

  • Systems Design

  • Triple Bottom Line Business Strategy Emphasizing: Profit, People and Planet

  • Full-Service Business Planning


Explore our Services
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Explore our Services


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The Nascent Group is dedicated to supporting, evolving and transforming communities around the country from multiple angles.Whether through developing community gathering spaces, organizing immersive internships, mentoring evolving young leaders, or strategizing ways to bring quality food to underserved areas, we are always looking for ways to enrich and elevate the human experience.

A few of our community projects include:

  • Art Residencies through our Non-Profit IAYV

  • Installations through IAYV'S New Mexico Wing, Parce Seco

  • Community Upliftment through the South Side Sanctuary, our teams new community gathering space in Bronzeville



Experience Our Community
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I'm intrigued, tell me more...


The Nascent Group's Founder


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Cecilia Cuff is a 20-year veteran of the hospitality design industry, and an established pacemaker in the world of hotel and restaurant development, with a diverse global portfolio of over $30B in completed new builds, renovations, and overhauls. Cuff honed her skills while designing, erecting, and executing concepts internationally for corporate brands such as: Grand Lux Cafe/ Cheesecake Factory, Hyatt Hotels and Resorts, Belvedere Property Management and Taos Ski Valley. She has spent her career dedicated to service, hospitality growth and community development.

As a multifaceted entrepreneur, and CEO of the Nascent Group, Cuff employs her experience in strategic business and city planning, as she emphasizes community reciprocity, inclusivity and ecological sustainability. She draws extensively on her regimented foundation of successful systems design, based around creating SOP’s, administering operations with strong checks and balances, forecasting, meeting KPI’s and establishing accountability for reporting.


In addition to high level business design, Cecilia’s career client list touts seamlessly supporting a vast range of  leading creatives. Cuff has collaborated with and supported a wide range of leading artists and innovators accross a diverse range of disciplines, ranging from recording artists like Sheryl Crow Lil Wayne, Snoop Dog, Rihanna, Kanye West, and Seal to chef's like Emeril Lagasse and actors such as Brad Pitt & Angela Jolie.

Cecilia’s wheelhouse is being faced with adversity and using creativity to differentiate; running 100+ person teams for Frito Lay, NCAA, New Orleans Saints, Pepsi, and other corporate clientele with multimillion-dollar annual budgets or hosting intimate VIP groups of 25 or producing galas for a guest list of over 3,000.

Cuff’s aptitude in restructuring systems to be both profitable and equitable, has led her to successfully execute concepts in both North & South America, and many of the surrounding islands. Her rich work history is further supported by her Bachelor’s of The Arts in Public Relations, Communications and Business Management, earned at the University of Illinois in Chicago.

Along with key partners, Cuff owns a number of renowned businesses, including the Stakeout Wedding and Event Space in New Mexico, and the highly anticipated Bronzeville Winery in ChicagoIn the process of designing numerous placemaking projects, Cecilia discovered that many of the most brilliant entrepreneurial minds she encountered simply lacked cogent support and adequate funding. These entrepreneurs needed a team to believe in their vision, and help make their incredible ideas come fully to fruition through technically sound strategy and innovation. The development of Cuff’s firm, The Nascent Group, was the natural evolution of her passion for diversity and inclusion, and her unwavering belief that there was infinite potential for sustainable community impact, through conscious business development.


Nascent Group Team Members

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L. Brew

Creative Writing & Content Strategy

Madison Beckham

Project Management

A Few Of The Many Organizations We Enjoy Collaborating With


The Nascent Group is renowned for our vast and quality controlled network of diverse associates– a web of powerful resources that provides us the ability to help our clients achieve success in any and every field.





Our Associates

Our associates boast not only robust portfolios of high quality work, but vast and expansive creative vision. Our network includes a wide range of expert professionals, including:



Web Developers

Community Organizations



City Councils

Local Government Agencies

Local and National  Banks



Event Planners

Event Technicians

Environmentally Sustainable Developers


The Nascent Mission

Today, the Nascent Group, works closely with a diverse range of clients— from city planners to emerging minority entrepreneurs. The team’s solution-oriented approach to complex issues has led them to success in the hospitality, retail, nonprofit and development worlds, where they reimagine and strengthen operations, and reprogram socioeconomic trajectories in an expansive range of communities.

Sustainability and Diversity

Investment In Humanity

Transformative Strategy


To  influence behaviors at all levels of our industry, by setting high standards for human sustainability and diversity

To demonstrate that investing in humanity can lead to financial abundance, creativity and innovation

To actively transform visions and ambitions into profitable realities, by using time tested strategies to help businesses of all sizes succeed


What We Do

Today, the Nascent Group, works closely with a diverse range of clients— from city planners to emerging minority entrepreneurs. The team’s solution-oriented approach to complex issues has led them to success in the hospitality, retail, nonprofit and development worlds, where they reimagine and strengthen operations, and reprogram socioeconomic trajectories in an expansive range of communities.

Community Development 

Systems Design

Triple Bottom Line Business Development: Profit, People and Planet

Full-Service Business Planning

Trusted Financial Organization, Projections and Budgeting

Project Management 

Public Relations Strategy Support

Innovative Tactical Marketing

Hospitality Design

Funding Acquisition

Large Scale Grant Writing

Minority Entrepreneur Success Strategization 

Strategic Asset Creation (Decks, Pitches, Documents)

Liaising with city, state and federal agencies on behalf of our clients

Artistically Innovative Branding and Design Support


classic business design

360 business strategy

Business Development And Consistent Support. May Include: Weekly Zoom Meetings with our team Zoom/Email/Phone Follow Ups In Depth Business Strategy Applying For Grants on Your Behalf Evolving Business Plan Meeting Recommendations Licensing Recommendations Sustainable Business Design Connections To Our Partners Multiple Strategic Documents Revenue Models Marketing and Branding Budgeting

Full Service Business Strategy and Support. May Include: Acting As An Extension Of Your Business Managing Multiple Brands On Your Behalf Weekly Meetings Zoom/Email/Phone Follow Ups Business Strategy Budgeting We Will Plan and Physically AttendMajor Company Events Evolving Business Planning Applying for Licensing Applying For Grants On Your Behalf HR Design and Organizing Training Attending all Major Meetings Running Social Media Helping You to Hiring and Train Dedicated Support



intro doc

Introduce Your Project To the World. Our Design Forward Intro Docs May Include: A Concept Statement Mission and Values Statement Key Support Roles Team Bios Product/Service Description Market Overview Community Impact ESG/DEI Analysis Buyer Spending Behavior Philosophy Key Success Factors

Develop a Full Vision and Organize Your Strategy. Business Plans May Include: A Concept Statement Mission and Values Statement Product/Service Description Key Support Roles Team Bios Press Mood-Boards Brand Aesthetic Community Analysis Community Impact Economic Impact Market Overview Sources and Uses ESG/DEI Analysis Buyer Spending Behavior Philosophy Key Success Factors Financials: Sources and Uses Annual Budget 5 Year Pro Forma Comp Analysis


Marketing  Strategy

Attract Investors and Close the Deal. Our Research Driven Investor Decks Include: A Business Plan Additional information and analysis tailored to specific potential investors/partners/ organizations/funding sources

Cultivate a Brand That Speaks For Itself. Our Sophisticated Marketing Strategies May Include: A Concept Statement Mission and Values Statement Product/Service Description Team Bios Press Mood-Boards Brand Aesthetic Community Impact Economic Impact Core Mottos Market Overview Marketing Timeline Social Media Strategy Logo Development Company Name/Tagline Image Assessment Press Kit/Editorial Mock Up Branding Strategy


Our 501c3 Nonprofit Arm I. Am. Your. Village.


Nationwide Upliftment Through The Arts

Founded in 2016, IAYV provides a unique platform for mentoring and creating nascent leaders from underrepresented voices of artists and entrepreneurs in disinvested communities.  Through strategic partnerships, community activation, and the creation of safe spaces that provide immersive and innovative learning opportunities, IAYV has served and continues to inspire hundreds of emerging youth leaders in the fields of arts and culture, entrepreneurship, and wellness. 

We strive to provide an inclusive sanctuary for the expression and amplification of minority and marginalized voices.Using methods of learning and therapy through art, IAYV  is a concept that sets trends, questions narratives and viewpoints, creates strategic theologies, and nourishes the youth by emphasizing the importance of creative expression.While the physical embodiment of IAYV has a strong track record and has materialized in different forms with outreach in communities of  New Orleans, LA, Buffalo, NY,  Taos, New Mexico, and Chicago, the one thing that remains constant is a diverse board from all walks of life and the board's dedication to increasing the representation of minority voices as leaders in our global community. 

IAYV is a registered non-profit in good standing and recognized by the United States Internal Revenue Service and is eligible to receive tax-deductible contributions in accordance with Code section 170. IAYV'S Community Projects include:


Cecilia Cuff has worked withthe Parse family since 2006 going on to open her own art residency and mentorship space for underrepresented voices in 2016.

Parse Seco strives to provide an inclusive sanctuary for the expression and amplification of minority and marginalized voices.

The Nascent Group was contracted to indefinitely curate New Mexico's first interactive outdoor art space.  Arroyo Seco Live's Seco Live Space initiative provides nomadic pop up retail and instructional opportunities for artistic entrepreneurs and community activators alike.

The transformative space uses art to drive commerce into small businesses in the area by creating interactive art installations that generate statewide drive in traffic.

Located at 4702 S Martin Luther King Drive, the South Side Sanctuary is a nature-focused, design-forward place-making venue, slated to uplift, activate and transform the  South Side. 


Founded by a diverse group of creatives, innovators, and community partners, the Sanctuary creates a platform for entrepreneurial growth, community cohesion, creativity, and wellness sharing, by merging exceptional business development with a passion for community impact.


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